How to Make Your First Sale on Amazon

Ready to make your first sale on Amazon?
Things get real from there…

  • Learn easiest way to get started
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  • Get your first big win!

Step-by-step how to get started.
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Before I made my first sale, I thought building an ecommerce business was the type of thing other people got to do. Once I got my first sale, it became real, and I have since built a business with six figures in sales (while maintaining a full time job and a family). My goal is to get you your first sale. Imagine the possibilities from there…

Step by step
From setting up your account with Amazon to shipping out your products, we'll show you what you need to do to make the first sale.

Amazon does the work
With millions of credit cards on file, Amazon has built a customer base for you.

Which products to start with
Many people get caught in the trap of finding their first product. We'll show you how to find your first products to sell (on your next trip to the store).

Free e-commerce course
We'll even throw in our free ecommerce course (on top of the free cheatsheet).

Kevin Sanderson
I'm Kevin. I'm a regular guy with a full-time job that happens to run an ecommerce business on the side with six figures in sales. A lot of great people helped me as I got started, and this is my way of giving back. My goal is to help you maximize your ecommerce results! But first let me show you how to get your first sale…

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