How do you get to the point where you can look back and reflect on your journey as an ecommerce success story? Is there a way to look at someone who has been there and reverse engineer what led to their success? On this episode – you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader – Mike Jackness.

Mike has been involved in online marketing for over ten years; he ventured into ecommerce with He sold that company in 2014 and has since started multiple ecommerce brands with total revenues over $7 million annually. Mike recently sold one of his businesses for, and he’s seen his stress level drop significantly.

In his conversation with Kevin, Mike opens up about his ecommerce journey, why he decided to sell one of his businesses, lessons he has learned along the way, the value of knowing your “Why,” and much more. Have pen and paper ready – you don’t want to miss a minute of this engaging episode featuring Mike’s story!

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Outline of This Episode

  • [0:50] Kevin introduces his guest, Mike Jackness.
  • [4:40] Mike talks about his background and how he got started in ecommerce.
  • [9:40] Selling a business and starting the next chapter.
  • [16:20] What was it like running a business with exponential year over year growth?
  • [22:45] Mike talks about his plans for the future.
  • [28:40] What is your “Why?”
  • [34:00] Sometimes you have to make yourself uncomfortable to succeed.
  • [37:45] Closing thoughts from Kevin.

Selling a successful business

Why in the world would you walk away from a successful business? It’s strange to hear a story like Mike’s and not think about how much of a luxury it must be to sell your business and walk away with a nice profit. The truth is – running multiple businesses sounds like an ecommerce success story, but it can be extremely stressful.

Sensing that the time was right to start looking at a new chapter, Mike decided to exit his ecommerce business. Mike had sold businesses before, so this wasn’t a new experience, but the thing that stood out with this sale was the immediate reduction in stress. Mike says that his stress level went from level 10 to level 1 almost overnight. If you could make that much stress go away in your life – wouldn’t you do it?

Plans for the future

Even though his stress level reduced – you can imagine that the sale of that business was bittersweet for Mike. Ecommerce sellers like you know that a part of you gets poured into your business when you embark on that crazy endeavour. Mike his grateful for the journey, but he says that he is more than ready to turn the page and start the next chapter.

For years Mike chased the thrill of life as an entrepreneur, and he found that chase ultimately unsatisfying. He travelled and enjoyed life as a “Retired” 30-year old but realized that he enjoyed the challenge and the work of building businesses from the ground up. These days, Mike is aiming for a more balanced life – it’s his goal to work more efficiently. Learn about how Mike is achieving his goals and starting the next chapter of his journey by listening to his full conversation with Kevin on this episode.

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Do you know your “Why?”

Do you know your “Why?” What is that one motivating drive that keeps you getting up each day and putting in the hours to build your business? Are you in it for the fame, the money, the feeling of accomplishment, or something else? The truth is if you don’t know your “Why” – you’ll never push through the difficult and challenging moments in your business.

Take the time to identify and zero in on your “Why.” Try writing it down and posting it on your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator! When you keep that motivation front and center, it can help you stay focused and locked in. Too often, business leaders lose track of their “Why” and end up chasing whatever motivation pops into their head – don’t let that happen to you! Start writing your ecommerce success story and know your “Why” beyond a shadow of a doubt – you won’t regret it.

Getting uncomfortable can lead to success

Did you know that stepping outside of your comfort zone is a key component to success? When was the last time you took a risk that paid off? Probably starting your business, right? Many business leaders think that starting the business is the biggest risk they’ll need to take, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Life as an entrepreneur is all about risks! Keeping your business open when you have to constantly think of how to stay ahead of the competition is not an easy task. Looking back, Mike says that those uncomfortable moments from his journey were the ones that helped him grow both personally and professionally. He wants to encourage ecommerce sellers like you to embrace uncomfortable situations and face them head-on. What can you learn from Mike’s story? Hear more from Mike by listening to this episode!

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