One question I get frequently is about bookkeeping. Starting out you can pull a couple of reports and throw them on a spreadsheet and be ok (probably).

As you get bigger and add more channels, your business becomes more complex, and so does the amount of time you have to spend on bookkeeping (especially if you have multiple currencies).

I have found that unless you have a passion for accounting and have an intimate knowledge of bookkeeping software, bookkeeping is one of those things you should outsource to someone who know what to do.

Oftentimes sellers will work with someone who maybe understands bookkeeping but they don’t really understand ecommerce, and then they end up asking me for recommendations.

I’ve used the same bookkeeper for over three years, and my CPA has been happy with their work (and he would definitely tell me if he wasn’t).

Good bookkeepers can be hard to find (especially that understand this business).  That is why I am excited to bring on Siddhartha Havelia and Manvi Aurora who do the bookkeeping for my business. 

Their company, Mercurius Advisory Services, is one of the top ranked bookkeeping services on both the Amazon Service Provider Network and Upwork.

Plus I find that they are good at explaining things so I brought them on for a discussion about bookkeeping and to share ways you can better manage “the books” to keep an eye on your profitability.


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