Many sellers, including myself, are so focused on growing a brand that we lose sight of the potential for selling other people’s products.

To help us explore the opportunity selling with the wholesale model, I am excited to have on Dillon Carter.

The upside of selling wholesale is that it is fairly simple and the barriers to entry are low.  The bad news is that it is easy for others to get started as well, and unfortunately, many suppliers don’t want to work with Amazon sellers.

Dillon comes on to share share tips for getting approved for wholesale accounts.  He is a self professed automation geek, but his advice to go old school and pick up the phone and call.  Doing what doesn’t scale can be what gets you to learn what works.

In addition to share a lot of great information on the wholesale model, Dillon shares his tips on mindset.  One of his biggest cautions is in chasing after “enough information” when the missing ingredient is experience (not information).

We also discuss strategies for getting the Buy Box (might even help get more impressions to your private label listings as well).  


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