Would you like to hear from your potential customers who can give you feedback into what they like (or would change) about your product titles, images, and other important aspects? In the old days to get market research you would have to hire those people who would walk around your local mall and ask you to take a survey…

Now we have options to get real-world feedback from real people in almost real time.

I am excited to welcome John Li, the co-founder of PickFu, to talk about how you can do market research (almost instantly) from real people, all from the comfort of your computer. PickFu matches you with U.S.-based audiences who share feedback on your business ideas, product photos, marketing copy and more…

John was generous enough to offer our audience 50% off your first poll.  Simply use promo code MAXECOM at checkout.


Visit https://www.pickfu.com to learn more.


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