Diving into an Ecommerce business headfirst can be emotionally taxing as well as exhilarating. Have you always dreamt of being an entrepreneur? Do you know when a side-hustle can become a full-time gig? In this episode of Maximizing Ecommerce, Kevin talks about his emotional roller-coaster as he gives us his backstory and really delves into the ‘why’ behind his Ecommerce journey.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [0:40] Kevin’s background in Ecommerce
  • [2:15] His goal in life was to climb the corporate ladder
  • [4:50] Listening to entrepreneurial podcasts
  • [8:10] Time to stop working for other people’s dreams
  • [13:10] Building a brand using Amazon
  • [16:50] Launching Brand Accelerator with Scott Voelker
  • [21:00] Put your dreams and ideas out into the world
  • [23:45] Don’t be afraid to quit your job

When climbing the corporate ladder isn’t enough

Kevin had established that his goal in life was to climb the corporate ladder. He interned at Disney and was in management there for a time. He was always questioning if it was the right path for him.

Then a tragedy struck that changed everything.

His father—who had been healthy his entire life—had what they thought was a stroke. It ended up being a Glioblastoma. He was diagnosed with a fast-growing brain tumor. His Dad fought a hard battle but passed away 16 short months later.

His deep loss made him realize he wasn’t happy with the goal he had set for his life. He wasn’t sure where to start. But in 2011 he started listening to entrepreneurial podcasts. He realized there were so many things he could do—and he was always being told what he couldn’t do.

Was it time for him to transition out of the corporate world? Just like that—the decision was made for him. His hotel company had been bought out, and his job didn’t exist in the new company. He was let go.

Stop working to fulfill someone else’s dream

He started working with a friend in an insurance agency to bring in income, still unsure of what direction he wanted to take. He was tired of working to fulfill someone else’s dreams. During this time, he came across the Amazing Seller—a podcast by Scott Voelker. He inspired him to rediscover his entrepreneurial roots.

So he decided to go the route of retail arbitrage and purchased some Nike golf clubs off eBay. He thought he could buy them cheap and flip them for a few hundred dollars. But as he researched what they sold for used his heart sank. Doubt began to creep in. He didn’t even attempt to sell them. Keep listening to find out what happened next.

Are you ready to stop working to fulfill someone else’s dream? Want to launch an Ecommerce business? Listen to this episode of #MaximizingEcommerce as Kevin dives into his backstory and why he got started in Ecommerce. #Ecommerce #AmazonSeller… Click To Tweet

Building an Ecommerce business both domestically and internationally

Flash forward, Kevin decided to attempt giving Amazon a shot. He bought a few things, shipped them to Amazon, and waited at his computer. That night, he made his first sale.

He raced downstairs to his wife—and scared her half to death—as he shoved his phone in her face, proclaiming the sale.

That first sale made something click inside him. He knew he could do more.

So he took some money he had been saving and invested it into his first product. He went to sleep every night thinking “This is awesome, I can do this”. And he woke up every morning thinking, “What did I do?!”.

To hear more of his tumultuous selling journey and breaking into the international marketplace—keep listening!

What happens when you don’t pursue your business dreams?

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to self-doubt and fear. It takes immense courage to leap into something unknown. But when you realize that it’s time to do something—go do it.

By not pursuing your dreams, ideas, and passions—are you cheating someone else?

What if your idea would have made a positive impact?

What if the value you would have offered is lost? 

Scott hit a turning point where he realized he was ready to be all in. So last year, right before Christmas, he put in his notice; he left on his own terms. Now he’s nearly a year into being a full-time entrepreneur and his business is thriving.

Do you want to hear all the cool things Scott is accomplishing? For some valuable insight and encouragement in your entrepreneurial journey listen to this inspiring episode now!

What happens when you don’t pursue your business dreams? Kevin talks about his backstory and not wasting your potential in this episode of #MaximizingEcommerce. Check it out now! #Ecommerce #AmazonSeller #ProductSales #Entrepreneurship Click To Tweet

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Kevin made the decision that climbing the corporate ladder—his original dream—wasn’t enough. Listen to this episode of #MaximizingEcommerce for his backstory and why he left corporate america. #Ecommerce #AmazonSeller #AmazonFBA #ProductSales… Click To Tweet Kevin is building an Ecommerce business both domestically and internationally. Interested to hear how he dove into the industry? Listen to #MaximizingEcommerce now to find out why! #Ecommerce #AmazonSeller #ProductSales #Entrepreneurship Click To Tweet

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