What works when selling on Amazon?  That is the magical question.

Everyone wants to know what the latest hack or trick is to build their business.

Strategies and tactics are great, and Amazon is an ever changing marketplace.  That makes it critical to stay on top of what the latest and greatest ways are to build your business.

With that said, tactics, hacks, or whatever you want to call the latest shing object strategy are more likely the decorations in the house.

What is most important is the foundation.  Without a solid foundation, the rest of the house could topple over at any minute.

In this episode, Jeff Lieber from Turnkey Product Management and host of the Playbook for Amazon podcast comes on to share some of what he has learned of how to setup your business for long term success on Amazon.

Jeff’s clients combine for over 8 figures in sales.  That means he gets to see a lot of what works (and what doesn’t).

We talk about some important pieces like listing copy, product images, and video, and then we get into some of the latest tactics and new features on Amazon that are working today.

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