Ever tried a tool and thought.. Oh wow… that’s unique.

That was my case with Bonjoro.  Ever heard of it?

Basically it is like Loom meets instant messenger.  It allows you to send personalized videos to customers and does it in a very methodical process.

When I signed up for a trial of their software, I actually got a message from one of their reps who said my name at least four times.  It was unique, and it wasn’t spliced together by an AI.

This was an actual person that recorded it.

Truly, how often do we get personalized messages in video from another human?  It is pretty rare.

Ready to grow your business with video?

Bonjoro gives you all the tools you need to master personal video, and build powerful, lasting connections with your customers.

In this episode, I am proud to bring on Oli Bridge from Bonjoro to talk about building customer relationships with Bonjoro.  Since recording this episode, Bonjoro has become a sponsor of the Ecommerce Brand Mastery Summit.


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Announcing the Ecommerce Brand Mastery Summit

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