Having spent several years in the insurance industry, I know that insurance is one of those subjects that no one likes to talk about (but they need to).

It is an uncomfortable topic because it is confusing and focuses on a bunch of what-ifs and potentially bad things that you hope never happen.

With that said, I have seen how people have been saved by their insurance policy when something goes wrong, and others who wish they had the right type of insurance and had to shell out enormous sums of money out of their own pocket.

In eCommerce, you can get a policy, and the insurance company will gladly take your money.  BUT if the policy isn’t structured correctly, you could be rejected if, God forbid, something bad happened that caused you to need to actually use your policy.

That is why I am excited to bring on Matt Lovell from Well Insurance, and Matt has been my agent for 5 years.


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